Beginner’s guide to earning money online

First you have to understand a few things about earning online. What am going to give you shall takae time to develop..but will prove worth it in the long run.

#1 Niche

Have you heard of a niche? basically a niche is a distinct segment of marketing(audience in short). You need to think about what you are passionate about. For example i created a course on on medical terminology.. a course am doing in college and it has over 108 students..remarkable right this is a free course but what am driving at is if your passion is teaching you can do so and GET PAID yes get paid on udemy they pay you depanding on what you choose..Terms and Conditions get it, but it’s free to join and you can make a living out of it IF you persist. Another type of niche is writing. Are you good in writing do you love to write? well make a this one. It’s free till you decide to pay.. There are so many niches out there and anything is a niche. If it can generate audience it is a niche.

Choosing your niche

This is very important because if you choose something no one is interesed in..well no money comes in. Go to amazon or and am sure you shall find something you like.

#2 SEO(search engine optimization)

>>The process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

When you search on google/yahoo/bing the first websites you see have probably used SEO to get ranked higher on search engines

You may check that out on what i mean by SEO

Here is a list of what you should do..


Amazon Associates is the 1st place for all newbies to be. Why? Because they are not as biased as EBay partner program which to me is more for people who already have a substantial amount of traffic on their websites/blogs.  But with amazon all you need is a phone to verify you are human and a bit of social networking friends and you have your own a-store.

#2 Join Affiliate programs
There are so many affiliate programs out there but I shall give you genuine ones like click bank, commission junction, share a sale. Bluesnap, Market health  and my favourite  Wealthy affiliate.
I suggest wealthy affiliate first so you can get trained.

My friends we are all creative in one way or another .What are you good at, writing, translating, giving advice, talking those all all ways to earn money. If you are good in writing write a blog!!

Many times people tell me that they do not want to learn because they are afraid of failing. a wise person once said that your desire to succeed should be greater than your fear of failure. for example have ever you wanted to work in a hospital but never got the grades..Join udemy and learn medical terminology. Or have you ever wanted to learn graphics or to create graphics try powtoon and see how it goes. Do you want to teach go to udemy.


There are many scams out there but swagbucks,inbox pounds,nebux,cliksense and many more but i would recommend start  with those. Do not be in a rush to earn this things take time to buid


Yes you can Legitimately  earn some cash online by doing surveys in cashcrate,ipoll and others

Remember i said be creative well this is one of the things i was talking about. You can create a website(free) with weebly,wix,wordpress and others. Obviously you will have to learn a few things like SEO(search engine optimistion) and others on how to drive traffic(people) to your site but it’s worth trying.


Yes, blogging has gone viral but not everyine is successful in it. why? patience most believe you can get money Pap! but every successful blogger online took time to invest in their time and money.


These days virtual assistants are on high demand. The good thing is that you can work from home you do not need to go anywhere. You choose your timings too.
go to


This has also gone viral sites like Elance and 0desk have millions of freelancers. Who are they? There are people who have many talents eg:facebook marketer, grahics designer and writer as you can see all those are differebt categories but freelancers once they get their lucky break are able to earn money






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